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Advanced Professional Secretary


Body Language: How to Speed-Reading People


Customer Service Skills


Effective Leadership Coaching



Secret Selling to the Subconscious Mind


Selling with Emotional Intelligence



Change Management:



Agent of Change


Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management



Effective Change Management and Acquisition



Effective Mindset Management


Leading Culture Change


Communication Skills:


Body Language: How to Speed-Reading People


Communication Skill Training


Effective Public Relation Writing


Great Public Speaking


How to Communicate with Tact and Professionalism

  How to Handle Difficult Conversations


Media Handling & Communication Skills


MC dan Protokoler



Focus Group DIscussion (FGD)



Komunikasi Visual



Corporate Strategic:


Close the Execution Gap


  Corporate Social Responsibility

  Effective Crisis Management


Effective Mindset Management


Strategic Planning for Non Profit



Think Smart - Act Smart



Understanding & Managing Organizational Behavior



Risk Management



Ekspor Impor



Good Corporate Governance (GCG)



Creative Thinking/Decision Making:



Accurate Problem Solving & Decision Making


The Confident Decision Maker



Creative Thinking & Decision Making



How to Get Ideas: Bagaimana Membangkitkan Kreativitas di Dalam Diri



Strategic Decision Making



Why Decision Fails



Customer Service Skills:

  Customer Experience Management


Customer Service Skills


Exceptional Service – Exceptional Profit


How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service


Emotional Intelligence:





Leading With Emotional Intelligence



Managing Emotions Under Pressure


Selling with Emotional Intelligence


Wawancara Berdasarkan Kecerdasan Emosi: EQ Interview





Basic Finance


Best Practices of Cost Reduction and Cost Control



Effective Internal Audit



Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers



Financial Statement Fraud: Prevention and Detection



How to Read and Understand Financial Statements



Pelatihan Pajak Penghasilan Pegawai (PPh 21)



Pelatihan Pajak Penghasilan Pasal 23 (PPh 23)



Human Resources:


Analisis Beban Kerja



Best Practices for Personal/HR Assistant



Competency Based Human Resource Management



Effective Human Resource Transformation



Effective strategies for developing your people



Effective Succession Planning



Fundamentals of Human Resource Management



How to Deal with an Unacceptable Employee Behavior


Managing Toxic Workplace



Strategic Human Resource Management



Wawancara Berdasarkan Kecerdasan Emosi: EQ Interview



Manajemen POAC



Knowledge/Project Management:


Effective Knowledge Management



How to Prepare and Implement Company Manuals



Successful Project Management







Informasi pelatihan Why Decision Fails di Bandung


Berikut ini beberapa informasi pelatihan mengenai Why Decision Fails:

  1. Pelatihan Why Decision Fails

  2. Pelatihan Bagaimana Menghindarkan Blunder

  3. Pelatihan Menghindarkan Keputusan Gagal

  4. Pelatihan Teori Pengambilan Keputusan

  5. Pelatihan Teknik Pengambilan Keputusan

  6. Pelatihan How to Make Effective Decision

  7. Pelatihan Membuat Keputusan

  8. Pelatihan Membuat Keputusan Yang Efektif

  9. Pelatihan Proses Pengambilan Keputusan

  10. Pelatihan Mengatasi Keputusan Gagal

  11. Pelatihan Handling Fail Decision

  12. Pelatihan Menghindarkan Keputusan Berbahaya

  13. Why Decision Fails Training

  14. Effective Decision Making Training

  15. How To Make Good Decision Training

  16. How To Make Effective Decision Training

  17. Training Bagaimana Menghindarkan Blunder

  18. Training Teknik Pengambilan Keputusan

  19. Training Mengatasi Keputusan Gagal

  20. Training Membuat Keputusan Yang Efektif

  21. Training Menghindarkan Keputusan Berbahaya

  22. Training Bagaimana Membuat Keputusan Efektif

  23. Training Strategi Membuat Keputusan Efektif

  24. Training Membuat Keputusan

  25. Training Proses Pengambilan Keputusan

  26. Training Cara Membuat Keputusan Yang Efektif













MC dan Protokoler





Ekspor Impor